Polybush Bush Kit for Ford Focus RS (MK2)

Part # Kit151

Kit contains:

  • 40AR, x2 Front Wishbone Front Bush 14mm Bolt
  • 40AW, x2 Front Wishbone Rear Bush (Non-Handed Bush Holder)
  • 40AL, x4 Rear Toe Arm Inner and Outer Bushes
  • 40AM, x4 Rear Upper Arm Inner and Outer Bushes (Cast Arm)
  • 40AN, x2 Rear Track Arm Outer Bush
  • 40AP, x2 Rear Track Arm Inner Bush

Polybush is the world leader in Polyurethane Suspension Bushes and Components.

Why fit Polybush?
Why use Polyurethane for your suspension requirements?

Polyurethane is an ideal material for making into suspension bushes. Its combination of high tensile strength and elasticity translates into immense durability in the toughest conditions. Polyurethane Bushes have excellent resilience, springing back in to shape effortlessly to absorb shock and prevent dirt ingress and wear. Lastly, it doesn't age or perish - rubber bushes both perish and are attacked by oils and fuels.

Anti Roll Bar Bushes
You need the resilience of polyurethane to ensure a tight fit to the bar.
This avoids knock and squeaks from loose bushes and minimises wear.
The "Comfort" grade is best for this, but the "Performance" grade is best
if you want to reduce body roll and sharpen up steering.

Control Arm Bushes
Polyurethane's elasticity allows control arms to move as intended whilst its tensile strength soaks up punishment from cornering, braking, accelerating
and poor road surfaces. Go for a "Comfort" grade bush to
preserve ride quality for longer, or choose the harder "Performance"
grade to improve body control and steering.

Spring Bushes
Spring bushes are subject to the same forces as a control arm bush, as well as supporting the weight of the vehicle. Polybushes, with their combination of strength and elasticity, improve bush life and ride quality in on.

Shock Bushes
Shock bushes can crush down leaving the shock to rattle on its mountings. Polyurethane's resilience counters this without needing as hard a bush, so you can specify the "Touring" grade for all but the most arduous applications.

Mounting Bushes
All the vehicle's moving components cause noise and vibration so Polybush make a range of mounting bushes for steering, suspension, engines and transmissions. The polyurethane isolates these unwanted buzzes and rattles but holds the components firmly in place improving ride smoothness and body control.