OBD II Car Head Up Display

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View real time car data such as speed, revs and more on your windscreen in one single handy view. Spend less time being distracted by your instrument cluster, tucked back behind your steering wheel, and more time concentrating on the road ahead. 

This HUD is designed to reflect your vehicles computer information onto your windshield, offering a safer driving experience day to day as well as more importantly at high speeds and during night driving, as it removes the need for the driver to dip their head to view the instrument cluster.

Installing this unit correctly will enable you to more effectively monitor your speed, this is helpful for novice drivers as well as experienced drivers in potentially avoiding speeding infringements. 

Product Features

  • Monitor key data including: speed, RPM, fuel consumption, shift points, RPM use, mileage, water temperature, battery voltage, check engine
  • Check engine fault codes
  • Works with all vehicles with an OBDII input
  • Set shift reminders at any RPM 
  • Set speed reminders at any speed
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • Bright display works well in all conditions

Included in the box 

  • Head up display
  • OBDII cable
  • Dashboard grip pad 
  • Reflective sheet
  • Instruction manual 

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