Lubricheck - Handheld Engine Oil Tester

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Lubricheck is the world's first handheld oil tester, capable of testing your engine's oil condition within seconds. 

As professional mechanics know, oil health depends on factors like drive time, weather, and engine conditions. In the right conditions, you may be able to get more out of your oil than you think. But who wants to guess? With five or six drops of oil, you can confidently know the health of your engine oil and catch expensive engine problems early. At less than the cost of an oil change, Lubricheck quickly pays for itself, and it's handy for a wide variety of machines!

It's always a guessing game when it comes to changing your engine oil. Change too early, and you run up unnecessary maintenance bills. Change too late, and you may find yourself doing harm to your engine. 


  • Instant results without the delay and expense of mailing samples to test   labs
  • Tests standard & synthetic oils* - all petrol & diesel engines
  • Detects wear metal particles, water, acids, coolant leaks, & other oil impurities
  • Reusable! Simply clean sensor between uses
  • Easy-to-read diagnostic LED lights reveal oil health instantly


  • Save wasted time and money
  • Safely extend oil changes
  • Detect engine problems early
  • Reduce oil waste
  • Simple and quick to use
  • Versatile use with different engines
How does it work? 
Add 5 to 6 drops of oil to the sensor cup, then press the test button. The simple green, amber and red LEDs will indicate a rating from 1-10. Green means excellent to good, amber means fair, and red (or 10) means change oil or check engine.
Full testing & cleaning instructions included with every order.