Kleen Freaks Quick Detailer Spray 500ml

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Kleen Freaks latest Detailer spray formula has been rebuilt from the ground up, utilising some parts of their signature wax formula along with tried and tested active ingredients.

Super easy to use, only needing a light spray per panel. Wipe over paintwork in a circular motion before buffing to a shine with a soft clean cloth. You can layer up the spray for added protection, and expect to see water sheeting 12 weeks after just one application!

Bottle size: 500ml


Shake the bottle well before use.

Allow a fine mist to settle on the paintwork and wipe over with a clean microfibre cloth, turn it onto the dry side and buff to reveal a deep shine.

A small amount of this product goes a long way, use sparingly.

Tip : You can layer this Detailer Spray with 5 minutes intervals between each application to increase protection.