Ferodo DS Performance Rear Brake Pads for Alfa Romeo 156

Part # FDS995

This compound has been designed specifically for road use. It combines many of the characteristics found in a pure racing material (high friction, absence of fade) but has improved cold performance, and reduced disc wear and noise.

  • The key features of DS Performance are:
  • High friction coefficient (0.46 average)
  • Excellent disc life
  • Low wheel dust
  • Racing "feel"
  • Low heat transmission to caliper - thus avoiding fluid boil

DS Performance is recommended for road use only. R90 compliant (EU standard for road pads).


  • Over 220 pad shapes
  • Over 7000 different vehicle applications
  • High friction coefficient in all conditions
  • Work well from cold, with high maximum operating Temperature
  • Pad look following OE and Race specification (black with red marking)
  • Improved disc and pad wear performance


  • All parts in the catalogue for European road use are R90 approved where required by law. (Models in production from 1999 onwards).
  • The R90 number is marked on pads and packaging.


  • This operation is performed on all of the DS PF range.
  • Scorching consists of “burning” the surface of the pad.
  • This significantly reduces the bedding-in time when pads are fitted onto the vehicle.


  • Many high-performance materials are too aggressive and can cause excessive disc wear. 
  • DS PF is formulated to give minimal disc wear for a high-performance product.


DS Performance has been developed to deliver great comfort, combining passenger car refinement with pedigree performance.


With a coefficient of 0.55+ DS PF pads deliver a superb performance both hot and cold. Excellent wet recovery properties, great resistance to fade and consistent pedal feel complete all the requirements for a safe, reliable and efficient high-performance brake pad.


  • Applied to the entire DS PF range.
  • A thin layer of specific mix pressed between the backplate and the friction material ensures perfect pad/plate bind.
  • Works as a thermal barrier preventing heat transfer through the caliper to the brake fluid.

 Picture for illustration purposes only - actual kit may differ from shown.


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