Brembo Xtra Front Drilled Brake Discs for Audi S3 (8L)

Part # 09.7880.1X

Brembo Xtra Brake Discs

Reliability and attractive design

The new range of Brembo Xtra brake discs is characterised by special drillings which combines the appealing aesthetic effect with brilliant performance and effective braking in all conditions. Developed by the R&D department on the basis of its experience with car manufacturers and the racing world, the Brembo Xtra range is characterised by holes in the braking surface that can provide significant improvement to the brake system performance. The sporty look of Brembo Xtra, enhanced by UV coating, is combined with the guarantee of maximum reliability in terms of durability, performance and safety.

To each his own Xtra!

In order to obtain a powerful and safe product, during the design phase, the Brembo technician studied the number, size, shape and position of every hole for each specific brake discs of the Xtra range. The Brembo Xtra discs passed all tests on the dynamometer bench as well as on road.

Compact, Medium, Coupé and SUV car models are some of the applications selected for the Brembo Xtra range. The result is the most comprehensive and updated range of sport brake discs available on the market.


  • Pad cleaning and regeneration: 

The holes produce a scraping effect that cleans the surface of the pad from hazardous material deposits, thus preventing that even the slightest amount of ferrous material – that comes from the brake disc wear- can sediment on the friction material of the brake pad.

  • Wet brake performance:

The holes serve to prevent water film that may form on the braking surface. Even when driving on slick roads the brake system responds effectively already at the first braking.

  • Brake system cooling:
The presence of the holes leads to greater air circulation, resulting in improved heat dissipation capability and its increased performance.
  • Grip:
The holes on the brake disc surface ensure high grip and efficient, prompt response. Especially in the early stage of braking, the surface of the holes ensures optimal performance, thanks to the significant friction coefficient.
  • Maximum friction even at high temperatures:
At high-temperature combustion of the resins that make up the pad generates fading, with decreased friction between pad and disc.
These holes allow for the rapid expulsion of gasses and a stable behaviour even at high temperatures.


Picture for illustration purposes only - actual kit may differ from shown.

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